Awakening (The Edited Genome Trilogy Book 1)

A wealthy man can solve all of her problems. The price is humanity’s future…

Shada Gray rejects DNA edits in favor of excelling as a natural athlete. Mired in debt, she’s devastated when an unusual blood condition derails her sports career. Desperate for financial relief, she accepts millions from the dying CEO of a genetic engineering firm and gives up control of her body.

Trapped in her own mind, Shada discovers her “benefactor” has a shocking plan for all unedited humans. But with no power to direct her own actions, she fears there’s nothing she can do to stop him. And her beloved sister is in the firing line of this man who would play God…

Can Shada disrupt his sinister scheme and prevent elites from destroying her family?

Awakening is the first book in the Edited Genome technothriller trilogy. If you like smart science fiction, plucky heroes, and stories that grip you from page one, you’ll love Marcos Antonio Hernandez’s terrifying futuristic tale.

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