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He went to be their savior. But will doing the Lord’s work lead him into darkness?

1549. Friar Diego de Landa’s devotion is beyond question. Convinced God intends for him to fulfill a whispered prophecy, the young Franciscan eagerly works to convert the Maya of the Yucatán Peninsula. And when he saves a girl from sacrifice and persuades her people to become Christians, he’s certain he’s on the path of glory.

Discovering a greedy Spanish landowner persecuting the native population, Friar Diego determines to protect them and punish the cruel man. But when he repatriates thousands of Maya and uproots centuries of indigenous traditions, the pious priest’s obsessive pursuits may end up destroying them all.

Can the zealous missionary recover from a disastrous intervention without causing a cultural catastrophe?

Where They Burn Books is the thrilling next installment in the Hispanic American Heritage Stories series, based on historical events. If you like authentic settings, rich detail, and dark characters, then you’ll love Marcos Antonio Hernandez’s vivid narrative.

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